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IDD Therapy Spinal Rehabilitation

Do you have persistent back pain that won’t go away?

If you suffer from low back pain or neck pain and you are not making improvement with standard back pain treatment, our spinal rehabilitation programme may help you.

IDD Therapy is the successful and trusted non-surgical spinal decompression therapy used in over 800 clinics internationally.

Leading the way, we are the first clinic in Birmingham to provide this exciting, advanced treatment which targets lower back pain, neck pain and sciatica.

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The three aims of the treatment to achieve long term healing and lasting back pain relief are:

  • Improve the health of your discs
  • Rehabilitate muscles and ligaments
  • Realign spinal structures

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idd therapy in BirminghamIDD stands for ‘Intervertebral Differential Dynamics’. The treatment is delivered by the SPINA machine, which is an FDA cleared Class II medical device. Patients lie on the SPINA machine, which has a tilting action so that patients in pain are not impeded from getting onto the bed.

Patients wear a new range of ergonomic harnesses, which are connected to the pelvis and the upper back. Then a computer-controlled pulling force is applied at a precisely measured angle to gently distract (draw apart) the vertebrae surrounding a targeted disc.

Computer-controlled treatment at precisely measured angles

idd therapy finger screen
As the joints are distracted, pressure is taken off the disc and neural structures and soft tissues (muscles and ligaments), which may be tight, stiff and weak, are gently worked to improve flexibility and range of motion.

As the vertebrae are distracted, a gentle oscillation helps to mobilise the joint in a longitudinal manner. The aim is to create pressure differentials to draw fluid and nutrients into the disc space for healing and repair and to stimulate the lubrication of the joints with synovial fluid so that they can move more freely.

Improve joint mobility to free the body’s natural healing mechanisms

idd therapy belt strapTreatment is gentle and safe, there are in built safety features and the objective is for you to remain as relaxed as possible. Many patients actually go to sleep although we prefer that they don’t so that they feel the effects of the treatment.

Each treatment on the SPINA machine lasts approximately twenty-five minutes so that the structures of the spine are adequately worked to bring about physiological changes. Before treatment we apply some infrared heat to the area to increase blood flow into the soft tissues, and after treatment we use some cold therapy for five minutes.

After a series of treatments, our goal is for the spine to be able to move more freely, i.e. where there has been pain and immobility, we want no pain or less pain with a freedom of movement in the joint.

Treatment combined with other modalities for complete programme

idd therapy bedIf you have had back pain for a while, certain areas of your spine may be stiff and tight. The lack of movement in these areas may prevent the natural mechanisms that help the spine to remain healthy and functioning properly.

Gentle exercise and activity are gradually encouraged as, whether we like it or not, this is important for developing strength in the newly mobile soft tissues.

We want you to sleep better, this is important

idd therapy at {PRACTICE NAME}Many patients report that as treatments progress, they sleep better. This is important because it implies there is less restriction of movement, less pain and importantly, the natural mechanisms of healing in the spine, including fluid entering the intervertebral discs, occur when we sleep.


If you have persistent back pain and suffer with any of the following conditions, you may be a suitable candidate for IDD Therapy treatment:

  • Herniated Discs (slipped discs)
  • Degenerative Disc Disease
  • Sciatica
  • Facet Syndrome (joint stiffness)
  • Non-specific back pain

Where standard manual treatment methods and traditional mechanical treatments such as old-fashioned traction may have failed you, IDD Therapy is a safe and precise treatment that offers a genuine, successful alternative to invasive procedures.

Birmingham Chiropractic Clinic’s Dr James Rousseau explains:

“Some of the results achieved with IDD Therapy for patients with back pain and disc problems are remarkable. After more than twenty years as a chiropractor, I recognised that the new treatment could do more for certain patients than I can achieve with my hands alone.

Combining manual therapy with this new category of treatment, we are now able to offer persistent pain sufferers real opportunities to reduce or eliminate their pain and help them return to the active lifestyle they desire.”


“A year ago I suffered a prolapsed disc, was in pain and could not walk without the use of two walking sticks. I started daily treatment of IDD Therapy. After only one week my mobility improved greatly. I continued with my course and am now pain free and mobile again. I would highly recommend IDD Therapy…my results speak for themselves.”- Brian D.


We are completely open and you are welcome to attend one of our relaxed and informal FREE weekly open sessions to learn more about back pain and the different treatment options available at the clinic.

We encourage prospective patients to come with a friend or relative if they will feel more comfortable.

IDD Therapy treatment is provided by clinicians from all disciplines including physiotherapists, osteopaths as well as chiropractors.

Additionally, in other countries including the United States and Germany, medical doctors, orthopaedic and neurosurgeons provide treatment as part of a programme of care for patients with persistent back pain and neck pain.

To book a consultation or to reserve a place at our next open session, please call Birmingham Chiropractic Clinic on 0121 449 7766.
We look forward to welcoming you to our clinic.

Get your life back on track with IDD Therapy

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