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Neck Pain Relief in Birmingham

What is Neck Pain?

Your spinal column is one continuous organ. Distortions in the lower part of your back can contribute to altered mechanics higher up.

When you are experiencing neck pain, at Birmingham Chiropractic Clinic we’ll will check your entire body including your feet, knees, pelvis, mid and lower back, shoulders and neck. This check will determine where your pain originates.
Woman holding neck in pain.

What Causes Neck Pain?

Factors that can contribute to neck pain include:

  • Sleeping position
  • Unsupportive pillows
  • Falling asleep while watching television
  • Motor accidents
  • Sitting in front of a computer
  • Postural habits
  • Lack of exercise

What We Can Do

The treatment for neck pain involves first trying to relieve your pain. Your neck will be checked for movement. If there is a lack of function we will work to restore it as quickly as possible. As your function improves, the irritation will diminish and so will your pain.

We recommend that you try not to take medication in the early stages of your pain or rely on them long term because they mask your symptoms. A masking of symptoms can cause aggravation of the underlying cause of your pain. Your body uses pain as a warning or protective mechanism to tell you that something is wrong. From there we will establish how we can help you.

Have you experienced neck pain that holds you back? Give our office a call today to get help or click to book an appointment.

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