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State of the art technology in a warm, inviting, homely atmosphere.

Your First Visit

As chiropractors in Birmingham we aim to make new patients feel as relaxed as possible. When you enter you will be warmly greeted by name, welcomed in and asked to fill out a short questionnaire about your health. You will then be taken through to meet your Birmingham Chiropractor for a consultation. If the Chiropractor believes he can help, he will then recommend a thorough examination.

The examination may include X-rays taken on our facilities, or arranged MRI scans. For these procedures there will be a charge dependent on the type of examination. No procedures are carried out without your consent. The Chiropractor will ask you to attend again, preferably the very next day, to discuss the findings and recommendations for treatment.

Second Visit

On your second visit you will meet again with the Chiropractor for a detailed report of findings from the examination. Recommendations for a program of treatment will be clearly explained, and you may ask as many questions as you wish.

You will also be invited to one of our evening workshops to help new patients learn more about chiropractic, and how to gain the maximum benefits from our treatment.

A Typical Office Visit

When you arrive for a regular office visit you will receive a warm greeting, and asked to be seated for a brief wait before you see the chiropractor. Please help yourself to water and read our information leaflets during your brief wait. You may even have a HydroMassage, or arrange one for after your chiropractic treatment.

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The actual treatment itself does not usually take long, but is very efficient and effective, predominantly using the Activator method. You may be given some advice about how to take care of yourself before your next visit. If you need to book an appointment or settle any payments, you may do so on your way out.

Ready to get started?

Please call to arrange a time so that we may meet you and discuss your particular health issue. (0121) 449 7766.

New Patients | 0121 449 7766