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Happy womanBirmingham Chiropractic Clinic Success Stories

What Our Birmingham Patients Say

At Birmingham Chiropractic Clinic’s office we love when patients share with us their feedback and comments after chiropractic care. Please read our patient testimonials below to see what other people have achieved through their tailored treatment plans with us.

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Put My Mind at Rest

Dr Will’s thorough examination to establish my ailment, various pertinent preliminary tests, giving frank and honest options to go forward (i.e. via NHS or private) and suggesting further exploratory way forward options is greatly appreciated and as a patient he has put my mind at rest that I will definitely benefit from his final diagnosis and treatment.

– M.K.

Delightful Service

Everything that has been explained to me was easy to digest and understand. The expected outcomes from the treatment has happened according to plan. I have been really delighted with the service and the problem is resolving. I would highly recommend Liam. He listened and understood the issues and has a really friendly disposition. I feel safe when being treated and the staff are welcoming to the practice.

– P.V.

Very Friendly and Helpful

I have been suffering with bad mobility and terrible pain in my leg. My first appointment with Dr William was very thorough and professional. He was very friendly and helpful in understanding my condition. I will be going back to see him after my MRI scan results. A very knowledgeable and professional chiropractor.

– N.A.

Very Professional

James Rousseau was very professional and thorough in his examination and made me feel relaxed and confident in his abilities.

– J.B.

Cured The Pain

The pain I used to get in the evenings or any time when I stooped and then stood up again had been getting slightly worse over the past two years has almost completely gone already as a result of doing four simple exercises three times a day. I’m now looking forward to horse riding in Austria with my family next week – I had booked my appointment because I was concerned that riding might aggravate the pain.

With very many thanks for curing the pain unbelievably quickly – an improvement within 24 hours or less and now, after three days, almost completely gone!

– W.I.

Thank You Team

I would like to thank the team, the receptionist was very polite, professional and helpful I felt very comfortable whilst waiting. I had my consultation with William I found him very professional and informative he explained a lot to me and I have vastly improved movement just after one session. I found prices fair and was offered block bookings which will help me save money.

I would recommend the clinic to everyone who has pain and may think the treatments won’t work i am very please with the overall experience and can’t wait to have more treatments. Thanks again team

– T.W.

Very Pleased

Very pleased with my overall experience. Thank you!

– J. K.

Already Feeling Improvement

This was the 4th chiropractor I’ve seen and the 3rd in the last 12 months to deal with a specific neck problem. The consultation and initial examination was the most thorough I’ve had and most importantly, immediately found the underlying cause of my pain. I’ve had the first of 3 treatments and I’m already feeling improvement. I’m confident Nigel’s work will finally fix my neck problems.

– G.S.

Excellent Knowledge

Extremely friendly staff with excellent knowledge.

– M.A.

Very Friendly

Very friendly, professional service. Definitely coming back!

– A.O.

Professional Service

I received a very professional service and would recommend this practice to all my family and friends.

– C.W.

Professional and Friendly

Very professional and friendly practice.

– B.T.

Comfortable Enviorment

Extremely friendly staff make you feel comfortable.

– R.P.

Amazing Treatment

When I visited the practice it was only a one time visit just for temporary help thinking I would have to live with the pain in my back and knees. I was amazed at the treatment I got and was told I do not need to be in this pain. This is my 4th visit and I am more flexible and most of the time pain free I am so pleased I got this first voucher.
It has changed my life so thank you.

– M.B.

Efficient Diagnosis

Excellent knowledge, was able to come to a quick and efficient diagnosis, thorough and friendly.

– P.P.

Far Exceeded My Expectations

I had previously seen another chiropractor and was happy with the service but switched to Birmingham Chiropractic Clinic because of location. I expected more of the same, however my experience with Will far exceeded my expectations. His treatment approach has benefited me in ways my previous chiropractor didn’t even suggest was possible. Couldn’t recommend it enough.

– M.B.

Pain Free

For the first time in six months I am pain free, sleeping well and looking forward to retiring next year because I want to, not because of ill health! I have booked a holiday to Peru and the Amazon next year and feel so positive. Thank you James Rousseau and all the staff at the clinic.

– M.C.

Feeling Much Better

Ten years ago I suffered from a whiplash injury after a car accident, I was in considerable pain and my doctor at the time was less than helpful and told me it would get better in time, it might take months or even years! A work colleague suggested I see James Rousseau, I took their advice and I was soon feeling much better.

Three years ago I had a trapped nerve, which caused excruciating pain from top to bottom of my leg, and I could hardly walk. Although this happened at a weekend Rousseau treated me on the Saturday and the Sunday and after a few more treatments my recovery was quite quick and I shall be forever grateful to him.

– J.P.

Immediate Impact

During the early stages of my career I damaged my back through what could be described as a freak accident or perhaps just bad luck. The last twenty-five years have been a case of managing a bad back, through events that have ranged from moving house to childbirth! My back pain would range from bearable through to severe cases of sciatica, which has been extremely debilitating. The bouts of sciatica usually lasted for a fortnight and then would slowly clear.
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Approximately five years ago I tried to get up for work as usual. I don’t know what had disturbed my back, was it how I had slept? Was it lifting a child at work? I was in absolute agony. The memories are vivid, trying to stand upright in the kitchen, gripping the work surface, the pain and the tears.

Having been successfully treated, by Dr Rousseau for a whiplash injury twenty years ago, I phoned the Birmingham Chiropractic Clinic and booked an appointment. My first appointment went well, the staff at the clinic made me welcome. The initial consultation revealed how much damage I had sustained years earlier. Dr Rousseau reassured me regarding treatment and I booked my next appointment.

Initially I visited the Chiropractic Clinic on a regular basis, two or three sessions a week for a short period. The treatment had an immediate impact, I went from a person doubled up in pain, who found it difficult to stand, or sit or do anything for any period of time, to my current situation.

At this point in my life, the treatment I have received and continue with at the Birmingham Chiropractic Clinic has put my life back on course, many thanks to Dr Rousseau and all of his staff.

– A.H.

Back on the Golf Course

About 15 years ago, I put out two vertebrae. Mr Rousseau had me back on the golf course in a week!! Over the years I have always visited the Clinic whenever I have had a problem. I trust Mr Rousseau implicitly and have and will always recommend him without hesitation. Thank you for all your help over the years.

– V.S.

Able to Lead a Normal Life

In 1999, with no warning, I developed symptoms which affected my facial muscles. To my wife (who was watching) it appeared as if I was suffering a stroke because I couldn’t feel one side of my upper body, I appeared to stare unknowing into space, and the side of my face lost all feeling and was completely numb.
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The doctor was called as I was too poorly to attend surgery and he was unable to make a diagnosis. Many hospital tests later, and still no diagnosis. I then had a brain scan in case I had had a mini stroke – still no diagnosis. Weeks past and then I had a second attack with same symptoms and no known cause.

Eventually through a connection with someone who deals with alternative approach to healing it was suggested that I visit a Chiropractor. This was done and on my first visit I was advised that main vertebrae in my neck had worn and the nerve was being trapped between 3rd and 4th vertebrae. The Chiropractor gave me exercises to do at home and after a few months of visiting the practitioner and doing the exercises at home the symptoms were controlled and I was once more able to lead a normal life.

James Rousseau has continued to care for me and show great care as well as a friendly, thorough and comprehensive approach to me and my condition. Everything is always explained fully to me, and the treatment has been a great success.

– L.E.

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